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Operating mechanism:It adopts the fulcrum way of connection and with no pin on it.
Gun surface:antique brass burshed
The out look adopts the idea of ergonomics design,which improves the degree of comfort.on figuration of the handle is skeleton plastic-covered.
Thermoplastic and elastic meterial isused on the handle ,which make it comfortable and soft to grip.
The way of sealing in the nozzle is metal on metal,which guarantees a better sealing.
Adjusting mechanism:It uses the inner screw adjusting mechanism,which makes adjusting easier and better.
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Manufacturer of domestic Construction Tools,  antic copper brushed PU Foam Gun with non-slip rubber handle for whole Sale




CY-0901 Manufacturers Civil Construction Tools and Equipment Names Foam Gun for Sale

Item No.

CY-0901 civil construction tools

Product Material


*Aluminum body

*Metal trigger; Stainless steel needle  

*Thermoplastic and elastic rubber handle

*Individually tested by air pressure   

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